Identifying, Naming and Sharing our Racial, Skin Colour, and Cultural Identities


Read There's My Temple

By Ma Theresa "Tet" Gustilo Gallardo, especially the last stanza beginning, “

“There's my temple!...”

Divine Spark From Sacred Dark By Kathy A Huff

Check in question:
How do you know you are welcome in a place?
What is your favorite feature about yourself?


Check in question: What “sparks” your interests? What “illuminates” your mind? Your heart? (defineilluminates if needed)


The Night is Yours (YouTube) by Abdul-Razak Zachariah, Illustrated by Ketura A. Bobo


What is Race (YouTube) from Khan Academy

Discuss: What might a conversation with your brain look like when you notice your own bias?

Discuss: What parts of your identity do you show in your personal style?


Create a tapestry/weaving representing your identities.


  • Old CDs and/ or circular cardboard loom with a hole in the middle in the shape of a CD/Donut
  • Yarn, fabric, or paper scraps in different textures and lengths

Optional Prep:

Set up the CDs with the yarn wrapped in one direction as shown in this video: (1:35) Mandala (YouTube)

Weave through different textures of yarn representing various parts of the child’s identity. Help children brainstorm what certain colors or patterns might represent, emphasizing that there are no wrong answers.

Younger children and those with limited fine motor skills may need assistance getting started.


Moment of Truth - Small Foot Movie (YouTube)

Take Home

Read/Watch - “That’s Not My Name" (YouTube) By Anoosha Syed

Discuss: Ask a trusted adult the story of your name, or to help you look up the meaning of your name.

How do you feel about your name?

Is there a name that you feel really fits you?

Additional resource: