Be the Change! Youth Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Project

"Be the Change!" written in black on green background

Grounded in UU values and Principles, the Be the Change! Project is a training for building multicultural, anti-racist beloved community developed by the UUA in 2013 as a way to help youth begin resisting racism in themselves, their faith communities, and the broader world.

Be The Change! is comprised of six core sessions of 90 minutes each, plus add-ons for deeper exploration. Because this program was written in the early 2010s, it does not use some terminology that we use today in UU and UUA settings. Incorporating current language and concepts like “BIPOC,” “White Supremacy Culture,” “anti-Blackness,” “white fragility,” “de-centering whiteness,” and more will make the program more relevant and useful to today’s UU youth.