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What is “Fair Compensation?” It’s one way we live our Unitarian-Universalist values within our own congregations by treating our employees as valued members of our communities. Fair compensation is essential to the recruitment and retention of qualified personnel. This is true for any company, corporation, or agency. It is especially true for religious organizations with strong social justice commitments.

The Fair Compensation Consultants are available to help you reach the goal of achieving fair compensation for ministers and all other religious professionals and staff. We can provide guidance to Congregational leadership on such issues as understanding the components of Fair Compensation, accessing and understanding information about them on the UUA website, answering questions on unique pay and personnel issues, and developing plans to achieve your goals.

Your Compensation Consultants

  • Jane Gross, jgross [at] uua [dot] org covers Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, and MidAmerica congregations in Missouri and Ohio

    Cheri Cody, ccody [at] uua [dot] org, covers Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, and MidAmerica congregations in Nebraska

Compensation Consultant Bios

Cheri Cody

I am a long-time volunteer for my congregation and Prairie Star District (now part of Mid America Region) and in the past two years have served on the Open UUA Committee. Of particular interest to me are the areas of congregational leadership and organization, particularly Systems Theory. Through the district I was trained as a Healthy Congregations facilitator and also in the area of conflict engagement/right relations; I am privileged to be one of the lay consultants who work with congregations in this region as needed. I am still employed and work for the Sisters of Mercy West Midwest Community administering their ministry grants program; work I find very rewarding. I am looking forward to working as a compensation consultant in Mid America Region.

Jane Gross

I have recently relocated back to Louisville, KY, after 17 years in Orlando, FL, after my husband and I both retired. It’s good to be home again! I rejoined Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church in Louisville and will continue my interests in congregational finance and personnel matters. My UU background goes back to age 3, so I’m almost a “born” UU and have been a member of several congregations as I’ve moved around through the years. My professional background was as a Compensation professional in banking and financial services. I served as the Florida District Compensation Consultant for several years and found that the best part of volunteering as a Compensation Consultant is the opportunity to get acquainted with other UUs throughout the region.

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