Religious Professional Day 2022

CB Beal warmly smiling at the camera

Refill Your Glass: Settle, Reflect, Bear Witness, Breathe

Friday, April 29, 2022

5-8:00 pm Central / 6-9:00 pm Eastern

MidAmerica Region Religious Professionals, join us for worship and connection time, followed by an interactive, restorative program with CB Beal

Sponsored by the Heartland, Central Midwest, and Prairie Star chapters of the UUMA, all members of AUUA, AUUMM, LREDA, UUAMP, and UUMA are welcome!

Join together for a few hours of meaningful worship, personal and professional reconnection, and a program to help us refill our hearts and spirits as UU religious professionals with CB Beal. More info coming soon. Questions? Contact Rev. Alice Diebel at

Registration is required to gain access to the Zoom information to join the online gathering, but there will be no cost to attend.