We strive to create an inclusive, accessible, and equitable space for all participants. Anyone who engages in personal attacks, insults, or racist, sexist, or violent words and imagery will be removed from the meeting.

Most of our meeting time will be held in a main room with enabled live transcription services. Our keynote presentation with CB Beal will include Zoom break out rooms. If you use transcription services, please remain in the main room during the keynote break out times. The main room will host a break-out room conversation with the benefit of live transcription, something we cannot guarantee in the other rooms.

We will also host affinity groups, conversation groups, and game spaces. Some of our groups will be identified as affinity spaces for members of specific identity groups, such as “BIPOC” (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). These affinity spaces, which will be clearly identified, are only for members of those identity groups. Please join only if you have that specific identity. People who do not hold those specific identities will be removed from the affinity space.