UU the Vote Legacy Fellowship for UU Young Adults and/or BIPOC Unitarian Universalists

UU the Vote Legacy Fellowshp Open House

UU the Vote and UU College of Social Justice are excited to announce the UU the Vote Legacy Fellowship for UU Young Adults and/or Black, Indigenous, and people of color Unitarian Universalists. This Fellowship recognizes and supports leaders in our faith community who carry on the legacy of activism and organizing that embody our faith through justice organizing and activism.

The fellowship is a 6-month program (July-November) that will recognize 6 to 8 individuals to support your work and expand your skills and capacity. Fellows will be awarded $5,000 with an additional $1,500 project budget.

The success of UU the Vote was the result of leaders engaging in multiple strategies and tactics to support our UU and larger communities. Our success was defined by partnerships with frontline communities and organizations–many of which are led by and organized by young adults and BIPOC communities. The UU the Vote Legacy Fellowship is an investment in that leadership.

Learn more at UU the Vote Legacy Fellowship Program.

Join us for our Open House on June 7th at 7pm ET for a 45-minute informational event where you will be able to meet the Fellowship Committee and ask questions about the program and application process. RSVP for the Legacy Fellowship Open House.