Ships Ahoy! Youth Leadership Experience

By Cameron Young

Ships Ahoy Youth Leadership Experience

For the first time ever, MidAmerica is offering a mobile youth leadership experience. Ships Ahoy! is designed for congregations or clusters of congregations who may have more difficulty getting youth commitment for travel or week-long immersion. Programming is led by UUA staff and teaches about, among other things, worship, covenant, social justice, theology, and membership in congregations and the faith at large. It consists of two weekend experiences out of the year and a series of online webinars. To find out more about how Ships can be offered in your congregation or area, please contact MA regional staff member Cameron Young at for more information.

About the Author

Cameron Young

Cameron Young is a native Texan and lifelong Unitarian Universalist. Having grown up in those programs, they developed a particular affinity for youth and young adult ministry. Prior to joining the UUA, Cameron served as a lifespan religious educator in Fort Worth, Texas for five years, having...

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