New Faithify Campaign to Support Our Whole Lives

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In the past year, some states have targeted LGBTQIA+ children, youth, and adults with punitive legislation that will, at the very least, cause harm. We all know how important gender-affirming care is to saving the lives of our community members, especially our trans youth. With this awareness, a Faithify campaign has been launched to support Our Whole Lives (OWL) with a community-based focus in states that have been severely affected by anti-trans legislation.

This OWL Initiative includes an expectation for our participating congregations to partner, if possible, with a local United Church of Christ (UCC) congregation, and to seek out partnerships with community-based groups, particularly local Pride Centers, who provide support for trans families. UU congregations partnering with supportive community-based organizations make such a difference in the long-term culture change this initiative seeks to achieve. Congregations in this initiative are asked to demonstrate a multigenerational justice-seeking and educational component to their OWL programs that will help change their communities.

This initiative focuses on congregations in states with regressive anti-trans legislation, particularly in the Midwest and the South, and currently includes congregations in Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, South Dakota, and Texas. We seek to bring hope and accurate comprehensive sexuality education to communities where trans children and youth are marginalized and unsafe. You can support this initiative by donating to the Community Care OWL for Sustained Culture Change Faithify campaign.