New Day Rising Resources Available

Rev. David Pyle, Regional Lead

New Day Rising National Conference. Identifying Your Congregation’s Next Faithful Steps in Changing White Supremacy Culture. Worship, Workshops, Caucsing

On February 27th, over 1300 Unitarian Universalists from around our faith movement gathered to hear stories, share worship, learn skills, and to continue the work of dismantling white supremacy culture and become more fully an anti-racist religious movement! It was an amazing conference, with Unitarian Universalists authentically engaged in the beautiful and difficult work of learning together how to actively counter oppression in our communities and to dismantle white supremacy culture within ourselves and our congregations. And now, the resources from the New Day Rising Conference are available online, for those who attended the conference and for those who were unable to do so. These resources are available for use within our congregations and communities, as well as for our own individual growth and development.

If you attended the conference, you can access all the sessions and other materials at no additional cost by logging back into the Whova website where the conference was held.

If you did not attend the conference, but would still like to have access to all the materials and sessions from it, you can now access them for the small fee of $30 on the UU Leadership Institute website.

As this work continues, so too will the New Day Rising Conference, so if you were unable to attend this year, there will be other opportunities for you to join with other Unitarian Universalists in learning together how to become the anti-racist religious movement that the world needs us to be. I look forward to being in that future learning community with you!