Leadership Updates

Sometime this month, staff and leaders of member congregations will be working on certifying their membership data for the UUA. Please be sure to certify your data by February 1, 2022 at 5 pm PST.

Help the Region keep your congregation’s leaders informed!

Please also submit any congregational leadership updates to the MidAmerica Region as well. Our database system is different than the UUA. MidAmerica Region uses this information to send important messages to leaders in your congregation. We would like to have the names, emails, and phone numbers for these leaders:

  • Administrators
  • Board Presidents
  • DRE/RE Leaders
  • Membership Leaders
  • Ministers
  • Music Directors
  • Social Justice Leaders
  • Treasurers

Email Gretchen at congleaders@midamericauua.org. Or fill out the Congregation Leadership Info form.

If there are any changes to your congregation's main contact email, website or address, we’d also like to hear from you with that information. Thanks!