Fall 2023 Chalice Lighter Call

All Peoples Justice Center logo in multicolored text

The Chalice Lighter committee is pleased to announce the recipient of this year’s Fall Chalice Lighter Call: All Peoples, a Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Louisville, Kentucky. The funds from the Fall Call will help support the congregation’s Justice Center as it continues to create accessible opportunities for people within the congregation, from partner congregations, and from the general communities around All Peoples to engage in various efforts to advance justice.

Formed in 2020, the mission of the Justice Center at All Peoples is to “develop the capacity of our congregation and surrounding communities to engage in meaningful justice advocacy and activism.” Since then, the Justice Center has proven to be an impactful way for All Peoples to reach out into the broader Louisville Community, make connections, and demonstrate their faith in action in a visible and accessible way. This Chalice Lighter grant will support the work of the Justice Center in the coming year in areas such as voting rights, voter registration and mobilization, congregational organizing, and offering of classes and workshops to help support the development of concrete skills and cultivate confidence amongst people of faith to engage in meaningful justice advocacy and activism.

You can help the Justice Center at All Peoples continue its work for justice in Louisville by donating to the Fall Chalice Lighter Call. To donate, please visit our Chalice Lighters Giving page.