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Dubuque Fellowship to Restore Historic Building

UU Fellowship of Dubuque IA

There’s a new Faithify campaign underway to help our congregation in Dubuque, Iowa, restore their historic building back to its original Carpenter Gothic beauty. The Carpenter Gothic style is distinguished by its pointed arch windows, steep-pitched roofs, and decorative wood millwork—familiar architectural features in Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” painting—and the UU Fellowship’s building is the only example of this style in Dubuque.

The goals for this project are to increase the UU Fellowship of Dubuque’s visibility to their community, to rededicate and invigorate their membership’s commitment to neighborhood service, and to increase the functionality of the building to enable members and friends to live their mission: to provide a welcoming community that inspires growth by encouraging individuals and families to examine their religious and spiritual beliefs, to explore new ideas, and to respect and enjoy each other’s differences.

The Fellowship has generous donors who will match $2 for every $1 they raise. And the MidAmerica Chalice Lighters will donate 10% of the final amount the campaign raises, up to $1000. To find out more, visit https://faithify.org/projects/uufd-preservation/.

And don’t forget our current Fall Chalice Lighters Call supporting The Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lansing's ongoing work to reclaim the urban property around their congregation to create an oasis that is welcoming and accessible to all congregants and the surrounding community: https://www.uua.org/midamerica/giving/chalice-lighters/2020-fall.