Dismantling White Supremacy Culture Resource

Bishop C. Knight, Regional Administrator

Black Brilliance Collective

The MidAmerica team wants to call your attention to adrienne maree brown’s op-ed about how to work together when fighting oppression. This article honors that we fight for the people and things we love, and that this social justice work calls for self-examination. Capturing the zeitgeist of our political period, noting the proliferation of diversions and propaganda since 2016, adrienne maree brown appeals to readers to pause, to listen, and to respect “the power of our attention” by investing care and time into building community, even when our feelings are big and difficult to process.

In this article, there are suggestions for how to focus on what matters. One suggestion is to choose an appropriate, productive space to bring the fight. The author makes a case of not only “choose what your battle is,” but also “choose where your battle is.” She calls this strategy finding a political home, which may be a roundtable conversation or a coalition meeting, and brown promises that in the right place you will find the right people.

To continue contemplating adrienne maree brown's strategies for fighting oppression, and to hear them speak about radical imagination and activism, check out this podcast conversation.