Brilliant Bits: Trans Etiquette Training

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by UU Church of Akron, Fairlawn, OH

The UUA’s Leader Lab is launching a Congregational Connection Series, which includes resources, practices, ideas, and stories that are shared by congregations in the spirit of creative interchange, group learning, and emerging practices.

A team from the UU Church of Akron, Ohio created a Trans Etiquette Training, which is the first resource to be featured. Their six teaching videos help others learn how to avoid microaggressions and use clean language in their interactions.

The brief videos cover a wide range of topics, generally following the same format. First, we witness a behavior that needs to change, then we have a frank discussion between two trans activists (Bay and Rowan) about what we saw. Finally, we witness an example of an alternative approach that reflects our shared values in this situation.

The Trans Etiquette Training materials can be accessed by individuals or used by congregational volunteers, lay leaders and staff learning together.

Does your congregation have something that is working well? Visit Congregational Connection Series at Trans Etiquette to share your story and resources.