Brilliant Bits: Covenant Calls Us In

A red heart.

red felt heart

Each of our congregations, on the way to building the Beloved Community where all are welcome, and where all gifts are received, comes upon a few stumbling blocks. Times when there are tensions, when someone’s actions don’t comport with the behavior we expect, and when things are just not right. It is at times like this that congregations benefit from doubling down on Covenant—a chance to be reminded of what the behavioral expectations are when we are in community. It can be some of the hardest work calling people back into covenant, to help them become a better citizen in our congregations.

There is a new resource, part one of two, to help you manage and deal with destructive behavior in your congregation. Covenant Calls Us In: The Why of Behavioral Covenant is a five session online on-demand class from members of the UUA’s Safe Congregations Team. It is the background information to help your congregation get ready to embark on creating (or revising and refining) your Behavioral Covenant. It addresses the why of covenant, history, theology and ethics, accountability and responsibility, and tools for the journey. It is a precursor to Part 2, Covenant Calls Us In: Living Into Behavioral Covenant, will be available this coming winter.

You can access this course on the UU Institute website.