Boundaries and Covenant - June 2023

By Connie Goodbread


When we lean into creative conflict, doing our best to create courageous space, we must understand that it can’t be accomplished without setting boundaries. I would never suggest that anyone should put up with any kind of abuse. In loving relationships people should know one another’s needs, fears, hopes, vision, how we each like to be treated, what we long for – so that all may flourish. In loving relationships people need to set boundaries and accept the boundaries of those we love.

The first step of creating courageous space, where we can see conflict as a time of opportunity and creativity, is in the theological foundation and discipline of Unitarian Universalism. Covenant is the first discipline. Therefore, we must understand what Covenant is and is not. Covenant begins with us individually recognizing the values we hold most dear, the values we wish to hold ourselves accountable to and amplify in the world.

Covenant as Discipline looks like:
Trust and trustworthiness

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About the Author

Connie Goodbread

Connie Goodbread is serving Unitarian Universalism as HOPE for Us Conflict Engagement Team Director. Connie served as Co-Lead of UUA Southern Region for three years.

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