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August Welcome

By Phillip Lund

Here we are at the beginning of another “church” year! Volume 7 Issue 1 of the MidAmerica Messenger will fill you in on some of the latest opportunities for small congregations, congregational presidents, Our Whole Lives facilitators, UU people of color, and any congregational leader seeking sources for funding and/or inspiration for dismantling systemic white supremacy. And as always, you’re welcome to contact any of your MidAmerica staff members to ask questions or share ideas. Visit https://www.uua.org/midamerica/contact-us for information on how to get in touch.

Phil Lund, Congregational Life Consultant

About the Author

Phillip Lund

Phillip Lund has almost twenty years experience serving congregations in the areas of faith formation and spiritual growth, first as a religious educator in Bloomington, Indiana, New York City, and Chicago, Illinois, and most recently as a congregational life consultant working for the MidAmerica...

For more information contact midamerica@uua.org.