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  • February Welcome

    Recently, a congregation asked me about church growth... not about how to grow in order to meet a congregational budget, or have more volunteers... No, this congregation asked me about growth because they are growing.
  • My Experience with the 8th Principle

    Sometimes justice work can be hard. You doubt that what you are doing is enough and if it is small you may believe that it doesn’t even matter.
  • 501(c)3 and Elections: What Your Congregation Needs to Know

    Hello! My name is Davis Senseman (they/them, she/her), and I am honored to be supporting the important work of UU the Vote by providing legal counsel regarding how congregations can engage in bold, effective electoral work fully within your rights and IRS status as 501c3...
  • Regional Assembly Registration Open

    Taquiena Boston is the keynote speaker, and the Commission on Institutional Change will be joining us to share a report on their important work.
  • Changing Status of Emerging Congregations

    In 2019, three Emerging Congregations in the MidAmerica Region sought to change their status with the UUA. “Emerging Congregations are new congregations that have been recognized by their region…as ‘emerging’ and are actively working toward becoming a member congregation of the...
  • MidWest Leadership School Moves to Illinois!

    We are passionate about our mission to make our lay training experience ever more transformative, including moving the school venue this year to Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois
  • Grants to Assist Elder UU Lay People

    The Midwest Unitarian Universalist Conference offers a grant to assist elder (age 65 and older) Unitarian Universalist lay people. The Laughlin Fund grant can be used to help with
  • Your One Stop Congregational On-Line Learning Resource

    For the past four years, the UUA has been working to develop Leader Lab, an online community of UU resources for congregations. Recently, Leader Lab created a user-friendly video to showcase what they offer, called Leader Lab Tour 2019.

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