2021 Winter Call

Thanks to all of the generous donors who supported our Fall Chalice Lighters Call: helping the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lansing, Michigan, reclaim the urban property around their congregation to create an oasis that is welcoming and accessible to all congregants and the surrounding community. We so appreciate your beneficence! The new year brings a new opportunity to support another MidAmerica congregation—the UU Church of Urbana-Champaign in Illinois.

Your donation to the Winter Chalice Lighter Call will support UUCUC’s new Associate Minister for Congregational Life. Funding this ministry position has been one of the congregation’s highest priorities. Over the last 4 years, UUCUC has experienced significant growth (25%!) in its membership and programs, including Soul Matters small groups, a new Pastoral Care Associates program, significant adult RE programming, and greatly expanded Social Justice and Racial Justice initiatives. To continue to provide appropriate support for members and leaders in this vital and growing church, adding a Minister of Congregational Life has been critical. Other responsibilities for the new position include campus outreach and working with young adults, an area where the current minister and staff have been unable to devote time and energy, despite a previously active young adult group within the church. This responsibility is in alignment with the Responsive Resolution passed by the 2020 General Assembly: Supporting and Investing In Youth and Young Adults in Unitarian Universalism.

You can help UUCUC continue their growth by donating to the Winter 2021 Chalice Lighter Call.

UU Fellowship of Dubuque IA

We’re also pleased to report that the UU Fellowship of Dubuque’s Historic Building Preservation Faithify Campaign was a huge success. The campaign reached 143% of its goal, bringing in a total of $5,010! Thanks to your support, the MidAmerica Chalice Lighters program was able to add another $501 to that total. Remember, if your congregation is planning to launch a Faithify campaign, you may be eligible for a Chalice Lighters contribution of 10% of your goal, up to $1000. For more information, contact Phil Lund at plund@uua.org.