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VirtUUallY Youth Ministry Connection Experiences


Type of event: Workshop

Email: ncombsmorgan@uua.org

Looking for ways to engage your youth and youth advisors in a virtual experience which connects them to other youth in their area, and is grounded in UU theology/values/spiritual deepening? If so, we are offering a variety of cluster virtual youth ministry opportunities this fall.

Youth and young adults at Regional Assembly 2016 with Nancy Combs-Morgan

Nancy Combs-Morgan with youth at Regional Assembly. Photo by Shannon Harper.

VirtUUallY — In late September and October there will be 4 sessions of VirtUUallY for youth and adults in an online learning community to go deeper:

  • In how our UU values/covenant inform who we are during COVID-19
  • To expand our sense of community and connection
  • Experience new and original ways to engage in group spiritual practices with youth and adults.

The sessions will be co-led by Congregational Life staff and a talented group of Young Adults, who have been trained in group spiritual direction. These amazing young adults have been active in their home congregations, and nationally with DRUUMM, THRIVE, GA Youth Caucus, Youth MidWest Leadership School, and more. Nancy Combs-Morgan will be organizing the experience and co-leading portions of the 4 sessions.

Youth please remind your Parent/Guardian to fill out your Permission Form.

Cost: $100 per congregation
This includes a minimum of one youth and one adult (can be the DRE, Youth Coordinator, or Youth Advisors). The flat fee covers as many additional youth and adults as a congregation would like to have participate.

Youth and adults will be registered by the congregational staffer, such as the DRE. This is to ensure that the adults participating are background screened.

The experience will have a wide variety of multi-sense activities which help with the reflection on UU theology/covenant/values. In each session there will be guided group spiritual practices, which are very translatable for the leaders to take back to their congregations.  

The sessions will be held via Zoom from 7:00-8:30 pm Eastern (6:00-7:30 pm Central) on Sunday evenings: Sept. 27 / Oct. 4 / Oct. 18 / Oct. 25

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