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Organizing 101
Social Justice, UUA Districts & Regions

Secular organizing often has a different set of vocabulary, practices, and strategies for justice making than those with which our congregations are usually familiar. In this webinar, we will draw from the wisdom of non-faith-based organizing and activism, and examine how these tools can be powerfully and relevantly translated into the congregational context. Topics will include practices such as asset mapping, power analysis, one-to-ones, base building strategies, agitation, and more.

Executive Director of the Minnesota UU Justice Alliance, Rev. Ashley Horan and Statewide Organizer, Pastor Danny Givens will help all our congregations prepare themselves better for social justice work.

Organizing 101: An Incomplete Glossary

Organizing 101 Slide Presentation

Webinar originally presented 2018-03-15

About the Authors

  • For more information, see the page about the MidAmerica Region .
  • The Rev. Ashley Horan is executive director of the Minnesota UU Social Justice Alliance and national learning coordinator for the Beloved Conversations program.
  • Pastor Danny Givens is the Statewide Organizaer for Minnesota Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Alliance.

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