Building Resilience & Spiritual Grounding for Justice Makers
One Day Canvass
Social Justice, UUA Districts & Regions

Like most of us, the UU Church of Bloomington (IN) was looking for a new way to hold an inspirational canvass. So they tried something new they learned from First Universalist Church of Minneapolis (MN), a ONE DAY canvass that was a day-long party and celebration with multiple activities and events. Learn how they planed for and managed this, what challenges they faced, how members responded, and what happened when the dust settled and all the pennies were counted.

Pledge Day UUCB PowerPoint


Webinar originally presented November 2017

About the Authors

  • The Rev. Scott McNeill has served congregations in Omaha, Nebraska; Manassas, Virginia; and Bloomington, Indiana.
  • Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, Indiana's Senior Minister Reverend Mary Ann Macklin (2002 to present) is grateful to serve such a vibrant and generous congregation. Reverend Macklin identifies as a humanist mystic or a mystic humanist, depending on the day. She prefers...
  • Reverend Dittmar graduated from Harvard Divinity School in 1997. She served one year as Interim Minister at the Gathering at Northern Hills (Cincinnati, OH 1997-1998), and eighteen years as Minister at First Unitarian Church of Cincinnati (1998-2016). In 2016 she began work as...

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