Building Resilience & Spiritual Grounding for Justice Makers
From Nominating Committees to Leadership Development Teams
Leadership Development, UUA Districts & Regions

Workshop presented at UU Church of Rockford, IL

A key tension within our congregations, especially our growing congregations, is need for greater depth and range of lay leadership. This is perhaps being felt even more acutely in this period of post-recession financial strain where increasing professional staff is not an option. To meet this need congregations have been restructuring nominating committees into leadership development teams—broadening the charge of the group beyond filling a few key positions to stewardship of leadership development, intentional focus on growing new leaders.

This workshop was an opportunity for congregational teams to share the work they are doing in this area and to hear about emerging best practices for work in this area, including both examples of what has been working and points where there have been challenges.

Ian Evison, Congregational Services Director for the Central Midwest District, and Patricia D’Auria convened this discussion. Patricia D’Auria is a consultant with the CMwD and is part of a task force working on these issues at UU Church West in Brookfield, WI.

UUA Resources:

Harvest the Power: Developing Lay Leadership Tapestry of Faith Curriculum
Leadership Development in the Large Congregation by Stefan Jonasson
Nominating Committee: Making It Work for You, Don Skinner 2001
Colorado Church Treats Volunteers with Care, Don Skinner, 2005
Get The Most From Your Nominating Committee, Don Skinner, 2006
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Workshop originally presented February 2011

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  • Ian is a UU minister who has served in a variety of ministries, including parish ministry, theological education, a research project at the University of Chicago in Family and Religion...

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