WEBINAR: Faith Development in Smaller UU Communities
Faith Development in Smaller UU Communities
Adult Faith Development, UUA Districts & Regions

This webinar is specifically designed to help faith development leaders in smaller UU congregations and communities with building a vision of a covenant centered experiences and multigenerational opportunities for spiritual deepening. There are the essentials of some organizational ideas, as well as helpful resources.

Presenters: Nancy Combs-Morgan and Cameron Young

Slideshow (PDF) (PowerPoint Show)

Webinar originally presented October 2019

About the Authors

  • Cameron Young is a native Texan and lifelong Unitarian Universalist. Having grown up in those programs, they developed a particular affinity for youth and young adult ministry. Prior to joining the UUA, Cameron served as a lifespan religious educator in Fort Worth, Texas for five years, having...
  • Nancy Combs-Morgan has been immersed in Unitarian Universalist faith development for 15+ years, including 6 as a Director of Religious Education, and 9 years on UUA district and regional staff...

For more information contact midamerica@uua.org.

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