Dealing with Difficult People
Dealing with Difficult People
Conflict Management in Congregations, UUA Districts & Regions

10 good ways of dealing with difficult people in the congregation:

  1. Encourage healthy disagreement
  2. Lead with prevention: covenants, policies and more
  3. Avoid both "hardball" and "softball" responses
  4. Document process and situations
  5. Remember our principles: no name-calling
  6. Ask questions for deeper understanding
  7. Use a team approach
  8. Be a well-differentiated leader
  9. Teach the congregation new ways of dealing with behavior
  10. Deal with the situations sooner not later

Behavioral Covenants in Congregations: A Handbook for Honoring Differences, Gilbert Rendle, Alban Institute
Never Call Them Jerks: Healthy Responses to Difficult Behavior, Arthur Paul Boers, Alban Institute
Dealing with Difficult People, Don Skinner

Webinar originally presented March 2010

About the Authors

  • Nancy Combs-Morgan has been immersed in Unitarian Universalist faith development for 15+ years, including 6 as a Director of Religious Education, and 9 years on UUA district and regional staff...
  • Lisa Presley is a life-long Unitarian Universalist who was an active lay leader before entering our ministry in 1991. As a lay leader she was board president, board member, worship associate, stewardship campaign chair, religious education teacher, bookkeeper, secretary, and shoveled the snow as...

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