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Congregational Conflict and Resolution
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Congregational Conflict and Resolution

Podcast by Rev. Lisa Presley

How Do We DO BETTER as congregations? We are such a mix of individuals and yet we work together fantastically! So what happens when we don’t agree to disagree?

Lisa Presley will give you insight into conflict resolution and what it takes to exist beyond knowing what we support as individuals and DO BETTER as a congregation. It’s no longer about saving the day. It’s how can we recognize conflict sooner rather than later?

Younger generations aren’t about the old way of socializing in the church which was inside of committees. People want to be out in the world doing something! They want to know their lives has value and meaning.  The nature of religious community has to change.  We’ll have to reflect new ways to organize our congregations and new ways to be, if we are going to be relevant.

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Podcast originally presented September 2015

About the Author

  • Lisa Presley is a life-long Unitarian Universalist who was an active lay leader before entering our ministry in 1991. As a lay leader she was board president, board member, worship associate, stewardship campaign chair, religious education teacher, bookkeeper, secretary, and shoveled the snow as...

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