Prairyerth UU Fellowship - Living Treasures of North America

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Sponsor: Prairyerth UU Fellowship, Niskayuna, NY

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On May 17 and May 18, Prairyerth UU Fellowship presents their Living Treasures of North America Event at Northeastern Illinois University.
The Prairyerth 2019 Living Treasures of North America Heritage Award recipients were selected for their dedication and service to their Elders and keeping the traditions and teaching of the Anishinaabeg People alive for the next Seven Generations.
The Recognition Award Nominees each demonstrate a true model of servant leadership and mentoring through their Native Traditions through book writing, workshops, conferences, drumming and sharing of the Sacred Fire around the world.
Honorees include Bruce Hardwick, Patricia Hardwick, Duane Kinnart, Osahmin Judith Meister, Van Archiquette, and posthumously Momfeather Martha Erikson, and Janet Seville.​
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