Future Change Framework Workshop

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Type of event: Webinar

Ian Burbidge, Associate Director of the RSA Lab

Ian Burbidge

MidAmerica Region is offering a 3-hour workshop with Ian Burbidge, Associate Director of the RSA Lab (The Royal Society for Arts, manufactures and commerce), and developer of the Future Change Framework. Ian will work collaboratively with participants to surface challenges and opportunities they are experiencing/exploring via the RSA’s Future Change Framework. We’ll explore:

  • What we know about crisis and change
  • What participants have learned from the pandemic to date. This comprises of a scanning exercise to spot changes—the actions and activities that people are taking, the events that are happening, the trends that are emerging—and a mapping exercise to place these insights onto the framework.
  • Looking ahead to a changing context and hopes and opportunities for the future

The Future Change Framework Workshop is for any congregational leader, lay or ordained, interested in exploring the challenges and opportunities presented to us as we move into a post-pandemic world. Congregational teams are especially welcome!

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