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Chalice Lighters call to help fund congregations' Faithify campaigns
Chalice Lighters call to help fund congregations' Faithify campaigns

As I mentioned in last month’s MidAmerica Messenger, beginning with the Fall 2019 Chalice Lighter Call, we will be awarding only one large grant each call to a single congregation in the region. Our hope is that by giving bigger grants, congregations will dare to take on bigger projects, projects that could use a boost from Chalice Lighters in the $10,000 to $15,000 range. But what about congregations that don’t need a large grant? That’s where another change is coming. To make sure that there will still be plenty of opportunities for congregations to get grants under $10,000, the Chalice Lighter program is going to start supporting Faithify campaigns beginning in September 2019.

Until then, we will continue to award grants to three congregations in the MidAmerica Region. With one exception—this Chalice Lighter Call. Because we didn’t have any applications for the Fall 2018 Chalice Lighter Call, we’ve decided to use this opportunity to begin building up a dedicated fund for Faithify contributions. Every dollar you send to this call will be held in a special account to support Faithify campaigns from MidAmerica congregations and related organizations beginning in September 2019. We intend to work closely with groups posting campaigns on Faithify, and our hope is to contribute to one campaign from a MidAmerica congregation or organization every month. That way Chalice Lighters will be able to give thousands of dollars a year to support Faithify campaigns in addition to the three yearly Chalice Lighter calls. This would substantially increase the amount of money we can give to congregations and other organizations in the Region.

Donate now to the Fall 2018 Chalice Lighter Call.

Applications for the Winter Chalice Lighter Call are being accepted until November 15, 2018.

Submit an online application.

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