Map of MidAmerica Region's 13 states

Much has been written, spoken, and shared regarding the resolution voted on by delegates from the Central Midwest, Heartland, and Prairie Star districts. At our April 2013 conventions and assemblies, delegates decided to create a MidAmerica Region in the UUA.

While each district has much to celebrate in its history of sounding a liberal religious voice in its geographic area, the world has gotten smaller thanks to technological possibilities. Let's pause for a moment to recognize that our districts have served us well over the last 50+ years by helping us build our community of Unitarian Universalist congregations and people, by impacting social justice in the states and portions of states served by each district, and by providing a home to those who seek a place to undertake their personal spiritual journeys rather than to live in a faith community defined by dogma.

As we have become the MidAmerica Region, those same values will continue to be the basis for the work of MidAmerica. We will continue to build and connect community. We will continue to be a people committed to social justice. We will continue to provide a home for religious liberals in their spiritual journeys. We will do so in a geographic size appropriate to our time, using efficient technologies, and working with a staff empowered to deepen what they can offer congregations.

In the more than 45 meetings with congregations, boards, and interested parties in churches throughout the three districts, we heard over and over the rightness of Regionalization now. When the Central Midwest, Heartland, and Prairie Star chapters of the UU Ministers Association voted, they supported Regionalization, as did the Central Midwest chapter of the Liberal Religious Educators Association. This is a New Era of UUism.

Central Midwest: Suzie DeBeers, Vera Dowell;
Heartland: Susan French, Kathy Silver;
Prairie Star: Graham Kreicker, Charlotte Preston, Vicki Pratt

Creating the MidAmerica Region