Sanctuary Graphics

Download these social media-ready graphics to show your support for expanding sanctuary. Each message comes in both a square and cover image format. You can also personalize them with your group or congregation's name at the bottom.

These graphics were developed as part of the Outreach Revolution series from the Unitarian Universalist Association. Click here to sign up for monthly updates about how to reach out more effectively online and in-person.

Download all eight images.


  • We support sanctuary city policies / Welcoming all people
  • We support sanctuary communities / Safety for all people
  • We support sanctuary congregations / No person is illegal
  • We are a sanctuary congregation / No person is illegal
Social media cover image, text: "We are a sanctuary congregation; no person is illegal"

Cover image example

Social media square image, text: "We support sanctuary communities; safety for all people"

Square image example

About the Author

Ellen Rockett

Ellen Rockett (they/them), a Unitarian Universalist young adult, is a graphic designer. Please visit their professional website for more information.

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Sanctuary Cities & Policies

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One way people of faith and conscience can help provide sanctuary is by working partners in cities, counties, school districts and other local governments to make sure all residents are protected, regardless of citizenship status or other identity. Sanctuary policies and sanctuary cities put the...

Sanctuary Policies

Community Protection Networks

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When many different groups are being targeted for arrest and detention, people of faith and conscience must work with local partners to make sure their community is a sanctuary for all....

Sanctuary Communities

Physical Sanctuary

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Physical sanctuary is an intensive, short term tactic to house and shelter people who are typically at risk of immediate deportation. This can protect an individual or family as part of a focused legal strategy....

Physical Sanctuary