We Must Be Bold in Our Resistance
We Must Be Bold in Our Resistance

We at Love Resists know three things are true: We know that there is no limit to how low the current Administration will stoop in their drive to criminalize people who migrate. We also know, from Congress and Trump's attempts to temper the outrage on family separation, that our voices are having an impact. Finally, we know that we must be resolved, now more than ever, to continue to be bold in our resistance.

Unitarian Universalists are being called in this moment. The recent revelations about child separation at the U.S. border highlight just how cruel and oppressive the U.S. Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement are. These institutions have no place in the Beloved Community. That's why we support Mijente's prophetic work to #AbolishICE and to resist a fascist future. Will you answer the call? 

We also continue to support the powerful organizing collective of Families Belong Together. We know that when we take to the streets and lift our voices together, people in Washington DC hear us. Rallies, marches, and other events are being planned for June 30 in locations across the United States.

Take Action

The Unitarian Universalist Association and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee are proud to follow the amazing leadership of these immigrant- and women-led movements. Follow @ConMijente on Twitter, Families Belong Together on Facebook, and join in the conversation using #LoveResists to stay in the loop as events develop.

For more information contact loveresists@uua.org.

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