Archive of Show the Love Updates
Archive of Show the Love Updates
Congregational Action, Congregational Stories & Best Practices in Social Justice
  • We Must Resist Fascist Federal Attacks on our Cities

    As the movement to Defend Black Lives, Defund Police, and invest in and transform our communities gains momentum, violent repressive responses from the state are also on the rise. And, as always, Black/Indigenous/people of color communities, queer and trans people, and other...
  • All Prisoners are Political Prisoners

    The last time Rattler called from Sandstone prison, I had just returned from the first action here in Fargo to commemorate the brutal murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and too many other Black people killed by police. As a political prisoner from the Water Protector...
  • Four-session political education series on DuBois’ Reconstruction in America to Now

  • We bear witness, and as our faith and conscience demand, we act!

    "People of faith, particularly those of us who are white progressives, need to combat the systems of criminalization in our country. Systems of policing and criminalization in this country are inherently violent, steeped in and created to reinforce white supremacy, anti-...
  • Congress, #ReleaseOurRelatives!

    Please join our ad-hoc group of Indigenous people and allies to urge your Members of Congress to take appropriate actions to protect the lives of our Indigenous loved ones – and all people – living in federal prisons during the COVID-19 pandemic. ...
  • Two ways to do collective action with Love Resists and our partners

    As we face a time of societal struggle, grief, and uncertainty, two things we’ve found to keep us going on the Love Resists team are being in close community with others (online video gatherings, mutual aid networks) and taking action to tip the scales of recovery towards a...
  • Liberation During Social Isolation: #FreeThemAll

    The ground under our feet is shifting. Suddenly we no longer recognize the landscape we believed we knew so well. ...
  • Join our Community Kickoff to End the Money Bail System: Webinar on Oct 23

    Last year we began our end money bail campaign with Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU). Bail keeps people in jail for weeks and even years—away from their families, friends and communities—before they see a judge. Bail traps people in debt, can mean a loss of custody...
  • Webinar: Side with Love to Resist Detention and Deportation

    Side With Love, Love Resists, American Friends Service Committee, and various grassroots immigration organizations hosted an action-based webinar. During the call, presenters covered the movement 'hot spots' of needed action, connected people to others in their region for...
  • 6 Ways to Be Pro-Active About Immigration Raids in Your Community

    This is an important moment both to strengthen our relationships with immigrant organizations in our communities, knowing that we will all be needed - and to turn to our spiritual practices and community to maintain thoughtful judgment and not seed fear.
  • Shut Down America’s Child Detention Center

    Putting children into prison camps is monstrous. And it sets a dangerous precedent for expanding incarceration as a solution to human rights problems. This follows a pattern of further criminalizing Black and Brown bodies across the United States and our silence means complicity...
  • #FreeBlackMamas this Mother’s Day

    The prison industrial complex is built upon a cycle of re-incarceration that it perpetuates. Many folks held in cages because of unaffordable bail are there because they are caught in a vicious cycle where they are being re-arrested for past challenges with unpaid fees/fines or...
  • Join BLUU's Babies & Bailouts End Money Bail Live Panel Watch Party

    Gather a group in your community to participate in the BLUU Babies and Bailouts Watch Party and Donation Drive on Sunday, April 28 (or soon thereafter).
  • We love in concrete ways: a webinar on accompaniment & expanded sanctuary

    Please join the info session on Wednesday, April 10th at 8pm EST if you want to learn more about accompaniment networks that offer support in many ways—from raising funds for bonds to get out of detention, to obtaining legal counsel, to going to ICE and immigration court...
  • Being the balm, the comfort, and the fire for justice: recommitting to our Muslim siblings

    As people committed to building inclusive communities of love and justice, our hearts are heavy with the recent news of the murders of Muslim worshipers in Christchurch, New Zealand. When members of our global communities and families are harmed, we know we must recommit to...
  • 4 things you can do to end money bail in your community

    On any given night, more than 450,000 people who have not been convicted of any crime are incarcerated in the United States simply because they don't have enough money to pay bail. ...
  • Building from the Ground Up : UU Metro Atlanta North & the New Sanctuary Movement of Atlanta

    Organizing for a local win isn't something that just big congregations can do. Small congregations can do so as well. This is our congregation's story.
    By Dave Dunn, UU Metro Atlanta North Congregation, Roswell, GA | 2/12/2019
  • One concrete thing to get someone home now

    In this season where many in this country celebrate Christmas, a holiday of refugees and a celebration of families, it feels impossible not to act. So we invite you to participate in #FreeThePeopleDay, a fundraising endeavor to get as much end-of-year money directly to local...
  • Seven Lessons in Witnessing the Migrant Caravan

    When we see shocking images come across our newsfeed, it’s easy to become numb or to engage with the speed and shallowness of a click or a share. But what we are witnessing unfold at the San Ysidro port of entry deserves deeper attention.
    By Susan Frederick-Gray | 12/7/2018
  • Solidarity with All Those Migrating

    We share useful and faithful ways to provide support and solidarity to those in this current exodus and to build strong networks to support all migrants
  • By fighting criminalization together, we all get free.

    Russell B(ullwinkle) Kunz is the Racial Justice Task Force Chair with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Akron, OH. This is a blog post he's written about why he is organizing Unitarian Universalists on this important issue. ...
  • Five ways to respond with love to the newest attacks on immigrants

    This week we’re watching some of the world’s most vulnerable and courageous people - escaping violence from both organized crime and their own government - banding together in a migrant caravan to support each other in the pursuit of safety and freedom. Yet so much of the media...
  • We won't pay for family separation, detention, and ICE

    We are halfway through the Faith Week of Action and we resist any funding increases for family separation, immigration detention, and ICE. ...
  • Restore Voting Rights to 1.4 Million People and Resist Mass Incarceration This Fall

    With the upcoming November midterms, there are opportunities to resist the criminalization of our communities. Two key ballot initiatives - one in Ohio and one in Florida - will not only create justice in those states but also forward this movement in other states. Wherever you...
  • Saving lives isn't a crime

    Join Love Resists and No More Deaths in asking that humanitarian aid be allowed in the Arizona desert.
  • Reinvest in solidarity. Renew your courage.

    Ever faithful in our commitment to building Beloved Community, we must keep our hearts, eyes, and ears open to guidance and needs of those most at risk. Love Resists the racism that is tearing apart our shared community. And we know we must be courageous in our resistance.
  • We Must Be Bold in Our Resistance

    We at Love Resists know three things are true: We know that there is no limit to how low the current Administration will stoop in their drive to criminalize people who migrate. We also know, from Congress and Trump's attempts to temper the outrage on family separation, that our...
  • Jailed For Being Poor: How the Money Bail System Criminalizes Poverty

    On any given night, more than 450,000 people in the United States who have not been convicted of any crime are locked up in jail simply because they don't have enough money to pay bail. Universalism means no one is disposable and interdependence means that none of us are truly...
  • Interconnection Means We Have Each Other's Backs

    Accompaniment is a fancy word for something we all do for our friends and loved ones: we have their backs when they need us. As Unitarian Universalists, we believe that we are all interconnected. In a time when people are being criminalized just for being who they are, it is...
  • Opening Our Hearts and Homes to Refugees at the Border

    A caravan of individuals and families is currently making its way toward the southern border of the United States. Hundreds of adults and children are fleeing violence and political repression in their home countries in Central America, especially in Honduras. Many hope to ask...
  • Partnering with American Friends Service Committee for a transformational e-course

    Sanctuary. Accompaniment. Visitation. These are powerful tools for combating the criminalization of our communities; they provide support to individuals who are being criminalized by policies and practices that target them for who they are, not what they do. How can we be bold...
  • Let's Talk About the Rapidly Changing Immigration Landscape

    There is so much happening - both the violence of our world and how we are resisting with love. We know when things change quickly, we act with urgent indignation and sometimes lose track of how to listen to what the landscape of our communities need. And if we and our families...
  • A Year of Resistance

    On January 18, 2017, in the face of looming threats to our communities and neighbors, the Unitarian Universalist Association and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee issued a call to people of faith and conscience to join us in affirming our profound commitment to the...
  • Defend People Who Migrate: Demand a Clean Dream Act NOW

    This week, Love Resists activist networks and partners are mobilizing thousands of people to call on Congress to make a clean Dream Act and permanent residency for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders a reality across the United States. Right now, young people who would have...
  • Love Resists Webinar Resource - Love Resists Criminalization: Mass Incarceration, Deportation, and Surveillance Today

    In November 2017, we held a powerful webinar exploring the ways that individuals are criminalized for their identities and offered ways to resist this criminalization of our communities. Love Resists Criminalization: Mass Incarceration, Deportation, and Surveillance Today The...
    By Hannah Hafter | 11/7/2017
  • Criminalization is a Tool of White Supremacy

    A recent intelligence assessment by the FBI shows that federal law enforcement officials have created a new category of domestic terrorists they are calling “Black Identity Extremists” or BIEs. As leaders in the Movement for Black Lives Shanelle Matthews and Malkia Cyril outline...
  • Called to say "yes"!

    Carol Edwards, member of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin, TX and an Austin New Sanctuary Movement volunteer, shares the story of how her congregation embraced sanctuary. Two years ago, my congregation began discussing whether we could offer sanctuary to immigrants...
  • Here's How You Can Support Dreamers Now

    Our Unitarian Universalist Principles call us to stand against criminalization of our communities. The inherent worth and dignity of all people and the inextricable connections between us mean that when one of us is at risk of deportation, none of us are truly free and beloved....
  • Homecoming Call: Love Resists—Protect Our Communities NOW!

    Upcoming events and actions in support of our immigrant neighbors.
    By Susan Leslie | 8/30/2017
  • All Justice is Local: UU State Action Networks

    Love Resists aims to connect justice seekers to build a movement that makes all communities safer. But we’re not starting from scratch. In fact, we are maximizing existing justice networks in regions where the need is most acute by working closely with Unitarian Universalist...
    By Rachel Walden | 8/11/2017
  • We Keep Coming Back

    Sharing lessons from our friends at the Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice (UUCSJ) in this week's post. UUCSJ inspires and sustains spiritually grounded activism through immersion learning journeys. Rev. Beth Banks joined one of those journeys and it had a profound...
  • #LoveResists at General Assembly!

    You have joined Love Resists to translate our values into action to resist the criminalization of our neighbors and communities and create a safer, more just, welcoming, and sustainable world. As we continue in this work together, we’re excited to connect with many of you next...
  • Sanctuary

    Would you harbor me? Would I harbor you? Would you harbor me? Would I harbor you? So opens the song by Ysaye Maria Barnwell , a founding member of Sweet Honey in the Rock and the All Souls Church, Unitarian Jubilee Singers. The lyrics entreat heart and conscience. The song is...
    By Taquiena Boston | 5/31/2017
  • May Day 2017: UUs Grow Solidarity

    Love Resists is guided by three powerful principles: expand sanctuary, grow solidarity, and raise our voices. On May 1st, Unitarian Universalists demonstrated their solidarity by joining immigrant, refugee, Muslim, Black and Brown, indigenous, LGBTQ communities, workers, women,...
    By Rachel Walden, Susan Leslie | 5/5/2017
  • Rise Up! May 1st National Day of Action & Resistance -- Uniting Movements Beyond the Moment

    On May 1st immigrant, refugee, Muslim, Black and Brown, indigenous, LGBTQ communities, workers, women, environmental justice activists, and all who support a vibrant and diverse future for our country will Rise Up! We’re coming together across the country in 100 cities to resist...
  • Books for 2017: Cultivating Understanding and Wise Strategies

    For those of you who've heard the call to deepen your commitment to justice this year, here are some of inSpirit's recommended books to help you answer that call with confidence! Educating ourselves through diverse sources and supporting the work of seasoned movement leaders and...
  • Week of Action - Jan 14-21, 2017

    The week leading up the inauguration of Donald Trump will be filled with ways to show your support and solidarity for an agenda of justice, human rights and compassion. This list of events will be updated as more information is available, some events just before or after this...
  • A Meta-List of Post-Election Lists

    If you've been on Facebook in the weeks after the election, you may have seen some lists and guides for how to respond from a place of love and justice. Here are a few of the popular lists that are getting prepared and shared by Unitarian Universalists: Post-Election Soul Food...
  • Love Notes & Safety Pins

    In the week following the 2016 US presidential election, many Unitarian Universalists were looking for ways to show their values in public and to make it clear they did not support the rising tide of hate crimes or the direction the country was headed. In addition to the...

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