Mission Statement: U.S. Faith and Ethics Network for the International Criminal Court
Religious & Civil Liberties, Criminal Justice

Members of the international community have established the International Criminal Court (ICC). The Court will investigate and bring to justice individuals who commit serious violations of human rights including war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. The United States Faith and Ethics Network for the International Criminal Court (U.S. FENICC) is a coalition of religious and interfaith non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that examine the moral, ethical and religious considerations surrounding the Court. Religious organizations have a special role to play in raising awareness at the grassroots level and helping to shape the International Criminal Court. The Network promotes the ICC by disseminating information about the Court to respective religious, ecumenical, and ethical communities.

To inform others about some of the moral, ethical and religious considerations involved in the ICC, the Network holds frequent group meetings and plans events that will bring these issues to the attention of a wider audience. The issues that the group raises and decides upon will impact the role the court will play and the way it is perceived around the world. The following issues are among those that have been and will be discussed by the working group in their meetings as well as in their open events and dialogues:

  • moral, ethical and theological imperatives and the importance of the ICC as a powerful representation of these values
  • moral, political and ethical dimensions of impunity
  • reconciliation and long term peace building
  • individual and collective healing in society
  • redressive justice
  • relationships between confession, repentance, compensation and forgiveness
  • issues of psychological and spiritual rehabilitation

For more information contact unitednations@uua.org.

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