Warrantless Wiretapping
Warrantless Wiretapping
Religious & Civil Liberties

Congress Still Needs to Investigate - In January 2007, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez announced that the Bush Administration's secret surveillence program "will now be conducted subject to the approval of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court". What does this mean? Why are civil liberties activists still demanding an investigation? Visit this page from the Friends Committee on National Legislation to learn more.

CRS Overview of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court - The recent announcement the FISA court would oversee international communications of suspected terrorists has generated considerable questions regarding this secret court. This Congressional Research Service report examines the creation, membership, structure, and jurisdiction of the court.

Introduction: NSA Spying - Visit this page for an introduction to the NSA's program of secret, warrantless surveillance of Americans. Here, the ACLU provides a good overview of the NSA domestic surveillance program: what we know about it, its history, and why it is troubling and most likely illegal.

Eavesdropping 101 - This page by the ACLU provides an in-depth look at wiretapping and electronic surveillance, and how the NSA warrantless surveillance program most likely operates.

Interreligious Letter - The UUA joined ten other national religious organizations in signing this letter condemning warrantless wiretapping. It was sent to Congress on June 23rd, 2006. (PDF)

BORDC: Background and Documents - The Bill of Rights Defense Committee is an organization which seeks to promote, organize, and support a diverse, effective, national grassroots movement to restore and protect civil rights and liberties guaranteed to all U.S residents by the Bill of Rights. Visit their page on domestic surveillance for action alerts and resources, as well as many relevant governent documents and newspaper articles.

For more information contact socialjustice@uua.org.

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