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Apply for Official Renewal of Your Welcoming Congregation Status
Apply for Official Renewal of Your Welcoming Congregation Status
LGBTQ Welcome & Equality, Welcoming Congregation Program

If your congregation received its Welcoming Congregation recognition more than five years ago, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Ministries (LGBTQ Ministries) strongly recommends that your congregation official renews its Welcoming Congregation designation. The LGBTQ world is changing too fast to stay abreast of how to be welcoming and inclusive without an intentional effort on behalf of your congregation. To honor your original pledge, it’s essential that new people in the congregation understand your congregation’s commitment to this work and that people who were originally involved in the program, learn about the current needs and concerns of LGBTQ people.

Action Steps for Renewing Your Welcoming Congregation Status

  1. This Welcoming Congregation Renewal Assessment Process will guide you through a process to Identify areas to engage further, create new goals, and make a plan to carry them out.
    • Assessment Process (PDF)
    • Assessment Form (Word) (PDF)
  2. Offer new opportunities for your congregation to make measurable achievements around LGBTQ issues through education, congregational life, and community outreach. Check out our refresher program page for ideas. 
  3. Do specific work around transgender identity and welcome, and bisexual and queer identity and welcome.
  4. Take steps to deepen and broaden your congregation’s welcome and inclusion of all. Consider additional programming around how sexuality and gender intersect with race, class, age, and/or ability.

How to Apply for Renewal

To apply for renewal of your Welcoming Congregation status, any member of your congregation may submit to LGBTQ Ministries the renewal form below. Upon renewal, you will receive a formal letter of renewal and two new Welcoming Congregation posters. For your convenience, there is a Word document worksheet (Word) of this renewal form (Word doc, 2 pages). Do not submit this worksheet; copy and paste answers into the form below.​

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