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Age recommendations: It is our hope that teenagers and children, as well as adults, will be given opportunities to discuss the videos with adults and peers. Age recommendations are meant as general and not definitive guides. Religious Educators, Our Whole Lives group leaders, and parents may want to prescreen videos if they are unsure of their desirability for particular age groups.

Availability: Popular non-documentary videos are usually available at local video stores. Local BGLT bookstores often rent and/or sell them as well. To purchase a video over the internet, we currently recommend PlanetOut.

Some documentary videos are available through the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Video Loan Library and are noted as such. Please contact the Office of Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian,and Transgender Concerns (OBGLTC) to borrow them. If unavailable through the UUA Video Loan Library, call your local video stores or BGLT bookstores to see if they carry a title. Other distributors are noted in the descriptions below.

Popular Film, Non-Documentary

  • Another Country
    Adults, teenagers
    Topics addressed: youth, heterosexism, internalized homophobia.
    Bittersweet romance between two young men in a boarding school in Britain.
  • Beautiful Thing
    Adults, teenagers
    Topics addressed: youth, coming out, family, internalized homophobia.
    Love story of two young men as they come out to themselves and their families and friends. Set in Australia.
  • Birdcage
    Adults, teenagers, children
    Topics addressed: gay parents, relationships, family, heterosexism, coming out.
    Robin Williams stars as the gay parent of a son who is about to marry into a politically conservative family. Antics abound.
  • Costa Brava
    Adults, teenagers
    Topics addressed: Latino/a and Jewish images, relationships.
    Winner, 1995 San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Audience Award for Best Feature. A Barcelona tour guide meets a visiting scientist in this lesbian love story with Annie Hall overtones.
  • Desert Hearts
    Adults, teenagers
    Topics addressed: coming out, class, relationships, homophobia, family.
    High lesbian desert romance in 1950's Reno, Nevada between a reluctant and very recent divorcee and a talented artist. Based on a true story. A classic in lesbian film with a great soundtrack. Contains one sex scene and nudity.
  • Go Fish
    Adults, teenagers
    Topics addressed: relationships, internalized homophobia, bi-phobia, inter-racial relationships, coming out, lesbians of color, heterosexism.
    An artistic and true to life look at one young lesbian's search for the perfect -at least for now- girlfriend. Captures the issues and comic idiosyncrasies of urban twenty-somethings as several sub-plots unfold. Contains several sex scenes with nudity.
  • In and Out
    Adults, teenagers, children
    Topics addressed: coming out, homophobia, stereotypes, family.
    Stars Kevin Kline as a beloved teacher in a small middle America town which shaken by the announcement by their Oscar-winning former student of the teacher's gay identity. Comedy, camp, and a message about solidarity.
  • The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love
    Adults, teenagers
    Topics addressed: coming out, class, race, homophobia, family, inter-racial relationships, and youth.
    Cute teen romance between two high school students from contrasting walks of life: one from a white blue-collar lesbian family and the other from a wealthy and protective African American family. Contains one light sex scene with some nudity. Older children might enjoy it.
  • It's My Party
    Adults, teenagers
    Topics addressed: relationships, family, AIDS.
    A man who has AIDS wants to die with dignity and throws a good-bye bash for himself in preparation for a drug-induced death. Friends, family, and former lovers are present to tie up loose-ends. Not unsuitable for more mature older children.
  • Jeffrey
    Adults, teenagers, older children
    Topics addressed: relationships, HIV and AIDS.
    A gay man searches for the best avenue for his sexuality, from self-help to the teachings of a spiritual guru, as he runs from the possibility of real intimacy with a man who is HIV positive.
  • Long Time Companions
    Adults, teenagers, children
    Topics addressed: relationships, HIV and AIDS, community.
    A look at the lives and relationships of couples and friends within a social circle as AIDS sweeps through New York City's gay community in the early 1980's.
  • Philadelphia
    Adults, teenagers, children
    Topics addressed: AIDS, family, homophobia.
    Tom Hank stars as a successful lawyer who is suing his firm for discrimination after he is fired for having AIDS.
  • Priscilla Queen of the Desert
    Adults, teenagers, children (perhaps 8 and over)
    Topics addressed: gay parenting, homophobia, family, cross-dressing.
    Three drag performers venture through the outback of Australia on their way to a gig at a resort. Unbeknownst to the other two, one of them is going there to see his son and ex-wife. High camp and outrageous costumes mixed with honest searching for meaning and direction in life. Contains one violent scene of gay-bashing. Some adult language.
  • Stonewall
    Adults, teenagers
    Topics addressed: internalized homophobia, oppression, cross-dressing, gender, history.
    A tribute to the Stonewall uprising, this film offers up one version of that momentous time via the characters of drag queen LaMiranda, activist Matty Dean, and a sub-plot involving a mobster. Contains some violence and sex scenes.
  • Torch Song Trilogy
    Adults, teenagers, older children
    Topics addressed: relationships, parenting, family, bisexuality, cross-dressing, homophobia.
    A drag performer relates the story of his losses and loves, including his first great love (played by Mathew Broderick), their adopted teenage son, a later bisexual lover, and his unaccepting but nevertheless loving mother. Contains a violent gay-bashing scene.
  • Watermelon Woman
    Adults, teenagers
    Topics addressed: history, black identity, relationships, gender.
    Part documentary, part romance this full length film stars it's director/writer, Cheryl Dunye, a black lesbian. Through her research on a woman at first known only to her as "the Watermelon Woman", Dunye uncovers the story of an interracial lesbian couple, a nightclub singer and a director, from 1930's Hollywood as she explores her own attraction to a white woman.
  • The Wedding Banquet
    Adults, teenagers, older children
    Topics addressed: family, relationships, Asian American identity.
    An entertaining and delightful farce. A gay man tries to hide his sexual orientation from his Chinese parents by pretending to marry a woman. He and his partner are thrown a curve when the parents announce their imminent arrival in America for the wedding.


  • All God's Children
    Adults, teenagers, children
    26 minutes
    1996 Winner: Best Documentary, National Black Arts Festival; Best Film on Matters relating to the "Black Experience", Black International Cinema Competition; Special Merit Award, National Black Programming Consortium; Jury's Choice Award, University of Oregon Queer Film Festival.
    A short documentary on the role of the Black Church in embracing African American lesbian and gay people and in standing for social justice and equal rights for all people. Includes statements from prominent African American political figures and religious leaders.
    To order: (800) 343-5540. Also available through the UUA Video Loan Library.
  • Before Stonewall
    Adults, teenagers, children
    87 minutes
    A history of homosexual life in the US prior to the gay and lesbian movement.
  • Celluloid Closet
    Adults, teenagers, older children
    102 minutes
    Narrated by Lily Tomlin, this impressive picture looks the history of BGLT images in Hollywood film, with some 100 film clips and interviews throughout.
    Available in many video stores. To purchase: Sony Pictures Classics, 550 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10022, phone (212) 833-8833, (fax) (212) 833-8844.
  • Common Threads
    Adults, teenagers
    79 minutes
    From the Academy Award winner for Life and Times of Harvey Milk, Rob Epstein. Profiles five people whose lives are commemorated by panels in the Names Project AIDS Quilt and discusses the government's homophobic response to the AIDS epidemic. A valuable and stirring look at the first decade of the epidemic, religious educators using this video may want to discuss its ramifications for AIDS and HIV in the 1990's.
  • It's Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in Schools
    Adults, teenagers, children
    1 hour, 17 minutes
    Addresses the myths that children do not know about gays and lesbians, and that schools are not capable of dealing well with these issues. Candid, riveting, and highly informative: this film shows us something about our children and about ourselves.
    To purchase: Women's Educational Media. Also available through the UUA Video Loan Library.
  • Honored by the Moon
    Adults, teenagers
    23 minutes
    Tells the personal stories of what it is like to be lesbian and gay from a Native American perspective. Filmed at a conference for American Indian gays and lesbians.
    Available from: Women make Movies.
  • Life and Times of Harvey Milk
    Adults, teenagers, children
    87 minutes
    1984 Academy Award Winner Best Documentary . Harvey Milk, the first openly gay person elected to political office in California, was assassinated, along with San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, by fellow City Supervisor Dan White. This moving documentary remembers Milk from his earlier days to his election and assassination, and captures the rage of the community at White's acquittal.
  • Lifetime Commitment: A Portrait of Karen Thompson
    Adults, teenagers
    32 minutes
    The story of Karen Thompson's legal battle for the rights to see and care for her partner, Sharon Kowalski, who was critically injured and disabled in a car accident.
    Available from: Women Make Movies.
  • Paris is Burning
    Adults, teenagers
    70 minutes
    Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the 1990 San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival . A poignant look at the lives of young drag queens in Harlem and Brooklyn as they gather into alternative families and prepare for performances at an annual ball. Adult language.
    Available from: Swank Motion Pictures.
  • Paris Was a Woman
    75 minutes
    Draws out the cultural contributions of lesbians such as Gertrude Stein and others who were drawn to Paris between W.W.I and W.W.II. Includes original archival footage and home movies. Suitable but not necessarily captivating for groups of teenagers and children.
    Available from: Zeitgeist Films, 247 Centre St., 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10013; (212) 274-1989; (fax) (212) 274-1644; mail [at] zeitgeistfilm [dot] com.
  • Pink Triangles
    Adults, teenagers
    35 minutes
    Relates the historical fear and persecution of lesbians and gay men by Nazis and McCarthyites to all discrimination and oppression. Includes views of the Moral majority, people who have struggled against homophobia, and parents who have confronted their feelings about their children's homosexuality.
  • Teaching Respect for All
    Adults, teenagers
    50 minutes
    Helps teachers, parents, and community members understand why schools need to address anti-gay bias if they are to achieve their mission of educating all students to the best of their ability.
  • Tongues Untied
    Adults, teenagers
    55 minutes
    1990 Winner: Blue Ribbon, American Film and Video Festival; Best Documentary, San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival; First Prize, Experimental category, National Educational Film and Video Festival; Best Video, New York Documentary Film Festival, Best Gay Documentary, Berlin International Film Festival . Emmy Award winning director Marlon Riggs brings us this video on Black gay life, the dual oppressions of racism and homophobia, and the richness and diversity of Black gay experience. Aesthetic, compelling, relevant.
    Available from: Frameline.
  • You Don't Know Dick: Courageous Hearts of Transsexual Men
    Adults, teenagers, children
    75 minutes
    Winner of the Best Documentary Award at the 1997 New England Film and Video Festival . Honestly chronicles the journey of six people as they become men. Uses personal testimonies, interviews with family and friends, and recordings of family outings, offering a humane and sometimes humorous account of the incredible journey of these FtM (female to male) transsexuals.
    To purchase: Northern Lights Productions. Also available through the UUA Video Loan Library.

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