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  • December 1st is World AIDS Day

    December 1st is World AIDS Day! World AIDS Day is a day of mourning. We mourn the 35 million lives lost to the HIV and AIDS pandemic since 1984. We mourn the staggering rates of preventable HIV and AIDS infections. We mourn that 40% of those living with HIV and AIDS do not...
    By Michael J. Crumpler | 11/30/2017
  • #BlackTransMagick Prayer Book: To Be Black, Trans & Magickal

    In 2017, across the U.S., we have seen a rise in unapologetic white supremacy, hate crimes and the usage of violent theologies to further cause harm against already targeted populations. As we know, faith spirituality is an important part of resiliency. In a world steeped in...
  • The Cloaking Device

    “No one is outside the circle of love,” declares UUA president Susan Frederick-Gray. It is a call to draw the circle ever wider, to look beyond that which we know and ensure all are seen and validated. And so we sing “we are gay and straight together.” We recite “If you are...
    By Kimberley Debus | 9/21/2017
    Filed in: Social Justice

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