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  • December 1st is World AIDS Day

    December 1st is World AIDS Day! World AIDS Day is a day of mourning. We mourn the 35 million lives lost to the HIV and AIDS pandemic since 1984. We mourn the staggering rates of preventable HIV and AIDS infections. We mourn that 40% of those living with HIV and AIDS do not...
    By Michael J. Crumpler | 11/30/2017
  • Reflection on Transgender Remembrance Day

    This is a day of remembrance—to recall those who’s very being was not seen as a divine gift but seen instead as different and dangerous. We mourn their loss. Their contribution to this world cut short.   And in these times, when all we have worked...
    By Paul Langston-Daley | 11/18/2017
  • Nov. 20th 2017 Is the 18th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance or #TDOR

    Mesha Caldwell  Sean Hake Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow  JoJo Striker  Tiara Richmond (Keke Collier)  Chyna Gibson  Ciara McElveen Jaquarrius Holland  Alphonza Watson  Chay Reed  Kenneth Bostick Sherrell Faulkner...
    By B Herbert | 11/18/2017
  • Cautious Optimism on Transgender Day of Remembrance

    As another Transgender Day of Remembrance approaches, the recent election to public offices around the country of eight members of the trans and non-binary community is a reason for cautious optimism. It seems that in the modern history of America, or the world for that...
    By Terry Cummings | 11/18/2017
  • On Transgender Day of Remembrance, an Invitation

    Transgender Day of Remembrance was set aside to annually memorialize those who were killed due to transphobic hatred or prejudice. Originally, it was to honor the life of Rita Hester, a transgender African-American woman who was murdered in Allston, MA in 1998. Today...
    By Barb Greve | 11/18/2017

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