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Soul Work: the Multicultural UU University Track
Soul Work: the Multicultural UU University Track
Governance for Congregations, Leadership Development

Creating Welcoming Multicultural Unitarian Universalist Communities

  • How does our dream of Beloved Community shape our practice of Multiracial, Multicultural community?
  • How can we become the “prophetic church,” dismantling systems of privilege and oppression to co-create a multicultural community of Love and Justice?

"Prophetic church, the future waits your liberating ministry..." We are that prophetic church; a covenantal faith moving toward Beloved Multiracial/Multicultural Community. Our second principle invites us to covenant to affirm and promote: justice, equity and compassion in human relations. Fulfilling this affirmation, this promise, requires that we attend carefully to systems of injustice in our midst and the hurts those systems cause. It requires that we be prophets, daring to work in this life for a Now that gets us closer to fulfilling the promise of our sixth principle: the goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all. Dismantling systems of privilege and oppression within our community faith allows us to co-create the Beloved Community of Love and Justice that we aspire to.

This vision of Beloved Multiracial/Multicultural Community is OURS...

Catch it... Cast it... Lead the way.


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