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A People So Bold: the Justice UU University Track
A People So Bold: the Justice UU University Track
Governance for Congregations, Leadership Development

Justice and Congregational Mission

  • How does our faith ground us in social justice, theologically, historically, with spiritual practices?
  • How does our faith hold brokenness, injustice, suffering?
  • How do we develop prophetic voice?
  • How do we create prophetic congregations?
  • How do we mend a broken world?

Congregations which thrive focus not only on serving their members, but understand that serving the larger world is central to their mission. The Justice Track provided tools so that justice work is focused, effective and relevant to the whole congregation and the wider community.


  • Rev. Meg Riley, Director, Advocacy and Witness, Unitarian Universalist Association
  • Rev. Louise Green, Minister for Social Justice, All Souls in Washington, DC

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