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  • For Nominating Committees: Leadership Development 2.0

    What is the future of Unitarian Universalist congregations? Are we slowly declining, as hinted at in the article UUA membership and attendance declined in 2011 in the UU World? Or are we at the cusp of societal changes where we can be A Religion for Our Time ? I believe that...
    By Renee Ruchotzke | 5/21/2012
  • Vital Leaders for Vibrant Congregations

    Vibrant congregations in today's world live out of a sense of core mission or purpose. Twenty-first leaders need to find ways to embed that mission into all parts of congregational life. This workshop will provide strategies to help your congregation focus its development of...
    By Renee Ruchotzke, Central East Region of the UUA | 4/28/2012
  • Robert Latham's Committee on Ministry Model

    A brief outline of the Committee On Ministry (COM) model that was invented in the early nineteen eighties and was honed as a working model over an almost ten year period in a mid-sized congregation.
    By Robert T. Latham | 2/7/2012
  • Drawing the Line - Disruptive Behavior Policies and Procedures

    This webinar helps leaders discern how to separate disruptive behaviors from persons to create a peaceful community.
    By Renee Ruchotzke, Central East Region of the UUA | 8/17/2011
  • Archiving Church Records: What Items to Keep and How to Catalogue Them

    Church members generally agree that saving church records is a good thing – but the reality of doing that raises a number of questions. Which items should be saved, and by extension, is it okay to throw some items out?
    By Kathleen Parker, Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage Society, Inc. | 3/27/2011
  • Ten Good Ideas About Effective Governance

    Many of our most committed leaders have sat in congregational board meetings and said to themselves “there must be a better way to do this work”! Many new people have volunteered to do simple task and found themselves frustrated amidst lack of clarity. In this workshop we will...
    By Ian Evison, Lisa Presley, MidAmerica Region of the UUA | 4/14/2010
  • Listening to Experience: UU Ministers Discuss Growth

    12 Ministers from Growing and Diverse UU Congregations Talk About Growth
    By Alice Mann, Ken Beldon, Thom Belote, John Crestwell, Kendra Ford, Robert Hardies, Peter Morales, Christine C. Robinson, Victoria E Safford, Michael A Schuler, Marilyn Sewell, Elizabeth Lerner Maclay | 3/19/2010
  • Sustainable Action: Planting the Seeds of Relational Organizing

    The ideas below come from the Rev. Louise Green's IAF experience and training, particularly through Michael Gecan, National Staff for the Metro IAF in New York, Philadelphia and Chicago. For an in-depth look at this method of community organizing, read Gecan’s Going Public,...
    By Louise Green | 2/6/2010
  • Before and After: What Board Meetings Look Like with Carver style Policy-Based Governance

    Sample Scripts from the 2009 UU University Governance Track.
    By Robert L. Eller-Isaacs, Laura Park | 6/20/2009
  • Lighting the Leadership Chalice: Carver-Style Policy-Based Governance

    UU University 2009: Lighting the Leadership Chalice: Governance. An introduction to the fundamentals of Carver-style policy-based governance
    By Robert L. Eller-Isaacs, Laura Park | 6/20/2009
  • Mission Statement Tips

    Mission speaks to the congregation’s calling, the source of its integrity and it’s central reason for being. What are we called to be and do?
    By Douglas Zelinski | 3/16/2009
  • Untangling Conversations: A Drive Time Essay

    Too often our leaders lead from unexamined fear and frustration. We need to lead from our hopes as embodied in the vision of the Beloved Community.
    By Paula Cole Jones | 2/23/2009
  • Return to Covenant: A Drive Time Essay

    No person is perfect. How do we ask each other to return to covenant when someone makes a mistake?
    By Karen Brammer | 2/15/2009
  • Supportive Relationships Are Not Enough: A Drive Time Essay

    Supporting one another is important, but if that is primarily what you do, then your congregation will decline. For a congregation to be alive, vital, and growing, it must have a sense that it exists to serve as well.
  • Making the Leap with Fear and Trepidation: A Drive Time Essay on Emotional Systems

    Emotions play a major role in the leadership of congregations, and if we do not take that into consideration as leaders, we will walk into situations that tear at the fabric of communal life and possibly thwart any growth that had been planned.
    By Richard Speck | 2/15/2009
  • Small Power: A Drive Time Essay on Worship with Children

    Small congregations are trying to do too much. They are struggling to put together a quality meaningful worship service and a Children’s Faith Development Program every Sunday. Let’s try something different.
    By Connie Goodbread | 2/15/2009
  • Never Say It Can’t Be Done!: A Drive Time Essay on Doing More of What You Do Well

    Don’t try to do everything! Instead, figure out what your congregation does well, and do it, and do more of it!
    By Karen Lewis Foley | 2/15/2009
  • Hospitality is Basic—and Specific!: A Drive Time Essay

    In its 7th year and with about 40 adult members, a small congregation in the South realized it was stuck—its membership hadn’t increased in 3 years. True, a few new folks joined each year, but the new folks only replaced those who had moved or left for other reasons. ...
    By UUA Congregational Life Staff Group | 2/15/2009
  • The Sizes of the Small Congregation: Group-Centered and Leader-Centered: A Drive Time Essay

    If you’re listening to this CD, chances are you think your congregation is small. But not all small congregations are alike. These differences are not just about numbers. They’re about attitude, and group behaviors, and organizational structure. It helps to know how your...
  • Change in Small Congregations: A Drive Time Essay

    Change is always difficult, yet it happens every day in our lives in small and big ways. It is also is a regular component of congregational life. When a visitor shows up on a Sunday, the dynamics in a congregation have changed, particularly if the newcomer stays. We all need to...
    By Kenneth Brown | 2/15/2009


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