Guidelines for Using UUA-Copyrighted Materials in Online Worship

A pile of hymnals, Serving with Grace and a Chalice

Are you wondering what UUA publications you can use when streaming or posting recordings of your worship service?


Our curated list of original worship materials contains gifts of creativity from UUs all over the world, including prayers, stories, images, music, and lots of other inspiring material under Creative Commons usage guidelines.

Print Publications

The UUA and Skinner House have several current hymnals, meditation manuals and other resources for worship with varying copyright restrictions that are noted in the publications. See the Guidelines below for details on how to navigate copyrights for those publications.

A Quick Reference Guide

The WorshipWeb and Skinner House teams have assembled this handy list of all of the Hymns and Readings from UUA hymnals that be used in broadcast UU worship without special permission.

Detailed Copyright Information

Below you'll find links to spreadsheets that may be useful when you are researching particular pieces. Like any resource of this magnitude, there are opportunities for errors and changes. Please contact​ with any changes or questions.


For general guidelines about using copyrighted material in worship, whether in-person or online, please see Copyright Issues Related to Worship. If you need permission to use the content in person, you will need permission to use it online. But it is also true that some uses that are legal without permission in a physical worship space are not legal without permission online. This can present extra challenges for planning virtual worship.

We offer the following guidelines as a resource to help worship planners select UUA content for worship that does not require explicit permission.

The UUA authorizes use of content in worship services, both in-person and virtual, under the following circumstances:

  1. The desired content is from a UUA publication. ​(UUA publications include print books and ebooks published under the Skinner House and UUA imprints, including hymnbooks, and UUA pamphlets.)
  2. The UUA publication includes NO notice of:
    • permission to reprint the desired content in the UUA publication (Example: "Reprinted by permission of New Directions Publishing Corporation."), and
    • copyright to the desired content belonging to anyone other than the UUA or the publication’s author(s). (Example: "429 From Oblique Prayers by Denise Levertov. Copyright © 1989 by Denise Levertov.")

Please check the copyright page, pages of the desired content, and backmatter of the publication for such notices.

  1. The content is intended for temporary use, such as in a livestreamed worship service or in an order of service for a worship service on a specific date, or is included in a broadcast Unitarian Universalist service that will be archived online (such as on YouTube or a podcast) and accessible by other UU congregations.
  2. The content is to be presented without adaptation. (If you are planning to use an adaptation, please contact and provide the adaptation or a description of the specific changes. We will either respond directly if we hold the copyright or try to put you in touch with the copyright holder.)

If all of these criteria apply, worship planners may assume that their intended use of the content is either fair use under US copyright law or authorized by the Unitarian Universalist Association in accordance with its contracts with the UUA publication’s author(s).

If the desired content was reprinted with permission of a copyright holder other than the UUA publication’s author, we may be able to help you find the copyright holder’s contact information. Please contact​