Sharing Photos or Video with the UUA
Sharing Photos or Video with the UUA

Your UUA staff loves to use photos from our congregations on the UUA website!

Here's how:

Photo Resolution

Horizontal images work best. They must be at least 960 pixels wide, and preferably at least 1920. 

Image Composition

On the web, certain types of images work better than others:

  • Tight shots (close-ups on content) work much better than wider shots. For example, instead of an image of a crowd, tighten or crop the image into just two or three faces. People should be positioned relatively close together. Space between people can look fine in print but is distracting dead space on the web that also reduces the amount of interesting detail that can be included.
  • Images with simple backgrounds work best; in the online environment too many details can easily overwhelm the rest of the subject matter.
  • All images need to be able to work well at a relatively small size.

How to Submit


Use our Flickr group or attach the photo to an email to web [at] uua [dot] org


Send an inquiry to web [at] uua [dot] org with information about the event and video type.


By sharing any photo or video with the UUA, you affirm that:

  • You own copyright to this work (give your name, please).
  • You give the UUA and UU organizations permission to use it without restrictions.
  • You have obtained permission from all participants to depict and share their images online.
  • You hold written permission from guardians of all participants under 18 to depict and share their images online (without names).

Our Gratitude!

Thank you for sharing your work with the UUA. It's a valuable resource that helps us to share the best of our faith with the world online.


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