Salary and Other Employee Changes Impact Benefits
Salary and Other Employee Changes Impact Benefits

When an employee's wages change, it affects Life and Long-Term Disability insurance premiums (and benefit payouts) as well as Retirement Plan contributions. Do any of your staff have new hours or salaries (salary + housing for ministers)?

  • If they are on our Life or LTD Plans, use the form on our Insurance and Employee Changes page to notify us so that your congregation is properly invoiced.
  • Be sure to adjust Retirement Plan contributions as appropriate. Remember, the employer (i.e., your congregation), not TIAA, is responsible for calculating proper contribution amounts.

Other kinds of changes can also influence benefits. For instance, our Health Plan premiums vary by zip code, so a staff member's rate might change slightly if they move, even locally. And, of course, changes of situation such as an employee termination or retirement are important for the Office of Church Staff Finances to know about promptly if they participate in any UUA plans. Please a look at our Insurance and Employee Changes page and report any relevant changes.

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