Planning Your Pledge Drive - LATE!
Planning Your Pledge Drive - LATE!

Your pledge drive needs to happen soon, but it is late and you still don’t have a drive leader, or maybe just got one in place! What are options for congregations when they don’t have time for: volunteer recruitment, good planning, identifying strategies that fit, creating effective messaging, or coordinating with other parts of the congregation? We will present 11th-hour strategies and learn from each other’s experiences.

Presented by Stewardship for Us and the Southern Region on January 17, 2019.

About the Authors

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  • The Stewardship For Us (s4us) Team, is based on a simple principle and a long history. The principle is that stewardship is important to all of us. We care about our communities and our institutions, and therefore we should be effective stewards, unafraid to talk about resources and...

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