Parenting During a Pandemic
Parenting During a Pandemic
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What do you and your family need during a time of pandemic? What challenges do you face to hold your family in spiritual, physical, social, and material health? Unitarian Universalist values, practices, and virtual connections can support families in new ways at this time. Explore ideas here.

Resources for congregational leaders to support faith development at home. 


  • By Sarah Lammert
    I’ve been talking with some of you who are parenting children and teens with special needs at home during this pandemic. I’m hearing that the standard parenting advice out there doesn’t feel relevant and even feels shaming and harmful.
  • By Jason Seymour
    Stuck at home together, every family member’s behavior affects others some exponential degree more than usual. Families may wish to try making a covenant together.
  • By Cecilia Kingman
    Hey parents who now have kids underfoot, I want to say something that might be shocking. I want to give you permission to NOT DO ANYTHING ACADEMIC with your kids. I want you to know that whatever you need to do to get through this slow moving crisis, it will be enough.
  • By Evin Carvill Ziemer
    Parents who are facing several weeks cooped at home need community support! Here’s some advice compiled from religious professionals.
  • By UUA Congregational Life Staff Group
    Talking with kids about the coronavirus can be hard. Here are some resources
  • By Michelle Richards
    Michelle Richards provides helpful tips for talking with children about the pandemic including how much to say, what to watch for and ways to reassure them

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