Regathering Conversations

Trying to figure out how to talk about wearing masks in church? Here are some examples!

Comic showing how consent around masking might happen.

Consent: Mask Edition

Person #1: I'm fully vaccinated and comfortable taking off my mask - how do you feel?

Person #2: Honestly, I'm not comfortable yet. My kids aren't vaccinated yet and I haven't had my second shot.

Person #1: OK, masks on then! It's great to see you in person!

Person #2 Thanks for understanding. A lot of people don't.

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Comic showing why to wear masks in church

Masks in Church?

Person #1: We're both vaccinated, why are we still wearing masks in church?

Person #2: Kids under 12 aren't. Have you ever tried getting kids to do something adults won't? (masked family with children in the background)

Person #2: Plus some folks' bodies don't produce a lot of antibodies, or can't get vaccinated. And they might not want to stand out. And it's not welcoming to ask visitors if they're vaccinated!

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