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  • Making the Leap with Fear and Trepidation: A Drive Time Essay on Emotional Systems

    Emotions play a major role in the leadership of congregations, and if we do not take that into consideration as leaders, we will walk into situations that tear at the fabric of communal life and possibly thwart any growth that had been planned.
    By Richard Speck | 2/15/2009
  • Some Basic Advice on Triangulation

    In the 1950s the family therapist Murray Bowen introduced many ideas about systems. The concept of triangulation is one of the most applicable to congregational leadership. It is, in brief, when John is frustrated with or concerned about Mary, John looks to Jane to deal with...
    By Ian Evison, Kenneth Hurto | 6/12/2007
  • Behavioral Covenants in Congregations

    Learning to practicie helpful and healthy behaviors allows us to act on our stated beliefs and values.
    By Qiyamah Rahman | 6/11/2005


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