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  • Virtual Gatherings for Small Congregations

    The basics of Zoom and the contents of the "Guide to Streaming Sunday Services, Meetings, and Classes" webpage at
    By Phillip Lund, MidAmerica Region of the UUA | 4/9/2020
  • Congregations "Buddy up" for Online Worship

    Rev. Darcey Laine’ serves two of our small congregations. Because of her idea, congregations across upstate New York and northern Pennsylvannia have started “buddying up.”
    By Darcey Elizabeth Hegvik Laine | 3/17/2020
  • Simple Online Sunday Morning

    A quality Sunday morning experience online does not need to be complicated or highly technical. Especially helpful for smaller congregations.
    By UUA Congregational Life Staff Group | 3/13/2020
  • Options for the Back Office

    A big part of keeping a congregation going could be called “Back Office” tasks. These are important but hidden tasks, like emailing the newsletter and paying the bills. Doing these well can help a congregation stay healthy and vital.
    By Sarah Movius Schurr | 1/8/2020
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  • The Unitarian Fellowship Movement

    The History of the Unitarian Fellowship Movement
    By Sarah Movius Schurr | 5/14/2019
  • Governance in Small Congregations

    Small congregations need a governance system that is "right sized" for the unique needs and challenges generated by their size. ...
    By UUA Congregational Life Staff Group | 4/22/2019
  • Good Worship in Small Congregations

    Small congregations with little or no professional ministry help can still have good worship services. This webinar gives you some tips.
    By Sarah Movius Schurr | 2/6/2018
  • Membership in the Small Church

    Small congregations offer intimacy and inclusion, but can sometimes feel exclusive to newcomers. How might you bridge that divide?
    By Megan Foley | 10/30/2017
  • Serving as Leader: Effective Leadership in Small Congregations

    In this webinar, we will explore the role of leaders in a Unitarian Universalist congregation. We will offer some useful tools to help your leaders and your congregation to thrive.
    By Sarah Movius Schurr | 2/25/2017
  • Just a Few Kids: Creative Strategies for Congregational Engagement

    How do you create a meaningful congregational experience when you've got a small number of kids in your congregation, few of whom are the same age?
    By Sarah Movius Schurr, Sarah Gibb Millspaugh | 2/25/2017
  • Stewardship Transitions for Small Congregations

    How can small congregations become aware of and adopt successful stewardship concepts and practices as they grow?
    By Jan Christian, Kay Crider | 10/1/2016
  • Multi-Site Ministry: Lowering the Walls Between Us

    Satellites, multi-site, yolked ministries and partnerships can explored by all types of congregations - tiny, large, urban, rural, clustered, or isolated. Might multi-site be right for you?
    By Scott Tayler, Tandi Rogers | 6/27/2014
  • Untangling Conversations: A Drive Time Essay

    Too often our leaders lead from unexamined fear and frustration. We need to lead from our hopes as embodied in the vision of the Beloved Community.
    By Paula Cole Jones | 2/23/2009
  • Return to Covenant: A Drive Time Essay

    No person is perfect. How do we ask each other to return to covenant when someone makes a mistake?
    By Karen Brammer | 2/15/2009
  • Supportive Relationships Are Not Enough: A Drive Time Essay

    Supporting one another is important, but if that is primarily what you do, then your congregation will decline. For a congregation to be alive, vital, and growing, it must have a sense that it exists to serve as well.
  • Making the Leap with Fear and Trepidation: A Drive Time Essay on Emotional Systems

    Emotions play a major role in the leadership of congregations, and if we do not take that into consideration as leaders, we will walk into situations that tear at the fabric of communal life and possibly thwart any growth that had been planned.
    By Richard Speck | 2/15/2009
  • Small Power: A Drive Time Essay on Worship with Children

    Small congregations are trying to do too much. They are struggling to put together a quality meaningful worship service and a Children’s Faith Development Program every Sunday. Let’s try something different.
    By Connie Goodbread | 2/15/2009
  • Never Say It Can’t Be Done!: A Drive Time Essay on Doing More of What You Do Well

    Don’t try to do everything! Instead, figure out what your congregation does well, and do it, and do more of it!
    By Karen Lewis Foley | 2/15/2009
  • Hospitality is Basic—and Specific!: A Drive Time Essay

    In its 7th year and with about 40 adult members, a small congregation in the South realized it was stuck—its membership hadn’t increased in 3 years. True, a few new folks joined each year, but the new folks only replaced those who had moved or left for other reasons. ...
    By UUA Congregational Life Staff Group | 2/15/2009
  • The Sizes of the Small Congregation: Group-Centered and Leader-Centered: A Drive Time Essay

    If you’re listening to this CD, chances are you think your congregation is small. But not all small congregations are alike. These differences are not just about numbers. They’re about attitude, and group behaviors, and organizational structure. It helps to know how your...
  • Change in Small Congregations: A Drive Time Essay

    Change is always difficult, yet it happens every day in our lives in small and big ways. It is also is a regular component of congregational life. When a visitor shows up on a Sunday, the dynamics in a congregation have changed, particularly if the newcomer stays. We all need to...
    By Kenneth Brown | 2/15/2009
  • Can a Family Become an Institution?: A Drive Time Essay

    Before we decide whether we want to be an institution, it might be helpful if we thought about what an institution is, and what it is not. ...
    By Gordon B McKeeman | 2/15/2009
  • Creating a Multigenerational Culture: A Drive Time Essay

    Families with children no longer feel a sense of obligation to attend church. Participation in a religious community is often considered one option among many competing interests. How do you go about creating a multigenerational culture in your congregation?
    By Michelle Richards | 2/15/2009
  • Practicing an Outward Orientation: A Drive Time Essay

    We need to think beyond increasing the membership rolls and focus more on developing what the workshop leaders called an “outward orientation.”
    By UUA Congregational Life Staff Group | 2/15/2009
  • The Small Church of the Future: A Drive Time Essay

    How might the small church need to change to meet future needs of tomorrow's members?
  • Governance Concerns for Family Size Congregations

    All congregations must understand that the instruments of congregational polity will vary with the size of the congregation. The practices of governance must be suited to the characteristics of the individual congregation. ...
    By UUA Congregational Life Staff Group | 6/15/2005
  • Governance and Congregational Size

    All congregations must understand that the instruments of congregational polity will vary with the size of the congregation. The practices of governance must be suited to the characteristics of the individual congregation.
    By UUA Congregational Life Staff Group | 6/1/2005

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